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XTD 001 - London - 13/07/2019

Matteo Manzini (want?, London)

“A part of my 3.5 hours warm-up before Rhadoo @ XTD 001 in London on 13/07/2019.

Thanks to FOLD and XTD for letting me share this online and to AM for tuning it sound wise.

Played with 1x E&S DJR 400, 2x Technics 12something, 2x Pioneer CDJ 20something.”

TRFFL CLB Podcast 01

Matteo Manzini (want?, London)

“Last month I had the chance to play some records for Trffl Clb and I'm now happy to share a one hour recording of that afternoon 😊

Thanks to Claudio for organising all this and to my favourite please-dont-mention-me London engineer for the help with audio and video in post production.

Hope the whole thing is enjoyable and sorry for the extra hands shaking, I didn't get much sleep the night before. xx”

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Growin Music Podcast #003

Tommy Vicari JNR

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